VPS Projects

I’m an amateur hobbyist when it comes to servers.  I host my own business sites and a few friends sites.  I enjoy tinkering around with servers and thought maybe other people would want to learn from my many many mistakes.  I am completely self taught and probably not the kind of guy you should be taking server advice from, but anyway…

I’ve put together a few tutorials to help you configure your VPS or server.  I have tutorials to configure services like Email, DNS and OpenVPN .  I also have a tutorial to make the Ultimate Server. It has a webserver with a control panel to easily configure web sites, email and a firewall, a remote desktop, a Plex server to stream all your movies, music and photos, a VPN server, and an ebook server.

I wrote none of the software used on these projects and they are all free, open source licensed programs from the authors.  None of the software is downloaded from my server.  I am just demonstrating how to install and configure everything.

It is assumed that you already know how to SSH  to a server, edit documents and are somewhat familiar with creating a VPS either at your host’s control panel or the control panel on your dedicated server.

I use Proxmox virtualization software to make VPS’ on my servers.  Most people starting out will rent a single VPS from a hosting provider, but after a while it’s easier to just rent a dedicated server and install Proxmox to create and delete VPS’s at will.